Payment Plans DUI Georgia

Payment Plans DUI Georgia
The prospect of hiring an attorney after being arrested for a Georgia driving under the influence offense can seem daunting to many people. However, being convicted of drunk driving can ultimately cost you much more than hiring a DUI lawyer. Your lawyer can help you avoid the fees associated with court costs, fines, alcohol education classes, ignition interlock devices and more—not to mention the lost wages you face by taking time off work to perform community service or serve jail time.

At Head, Thomas, Webb and Willis, we work with clients by setting up payment plans for DUI in Georgia. Because our attorneys charge an affordable flat fee for their services, you know exactly how much you will owe when your case is resolved. We divide your fee into increments so you can submit payments as your case progresses. If your case is resolved earlier than expected, you do not owe the rest of the fee.

If going to trial is the best decision for your case, we will take the time to discuss the expenses involved, such as courier, court reporter, and DUI investigator fees, so you understand the fee structure. Again, a payment plan will be created for the trial costs.

Hiring an experienced lawyer to defend you against your serious charges is an investment in your future. If you plead guilty rather than trying to fight your charge, you will have a criminal record that can never be erased. Every time someone runs a background check on you, whether for a job or schooling, you will be haunted by this mistake. Having skilled counsel on your side can increase your chances of avoiding a criminal record.

The lawyers at Head, Thomas, Webb and Willis can travel anywhere in the State of Georgia to defend you against your charge. They are available 24 hours a day to take your calls and offer free advice—even in the middle of the night. Because we believe every person has the right to representation when facing a DUI, our firm offers affordable fees and accepts credit cards.

Please submit your case online or call our 24-hour phone number today for a free consultation from a highly qualified lawyer. For retaining our services, you will receive a FREE copy of The DUI Book, written by our partner William C. Head, as well as a FREE license appeal letter to save your driver’s license from immediate suspension.

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