Over the Limit DUI Defenses Georgia

Over the Limit DUI Defenses Georgia
Georgia’s driving under the influence law makes it a crime to operate a motor vehicle while your blood alcohol content (BAC) is .08%or higher. However, if a significant period of time elapses between when you were driving and when the breathalyzer test was performed, your BAC can continue to rise. To fight your charges, you will need an attorney who knows how to apply over the limit DUI defenses to their clients’ cases.

When you consume alcohol, it is not immediately absorbed into the bloodstream; this process takes some time. If you have a drink before hitting the road, you may be under the legal limit while driving. However, if an officer pulls you over on suspicion of drunk driving and smells alcohol on your breath, your BAC may continue to rise during the time it takes to get to the police station and take the breathalyzer test.

When you hire a defense attorney to take on your DUI case, he or she will ask a number of questions: when you started drinking, when was your last drink, how much did you have, and whether you consumed any food. The answers to these questions can help you attorney and a toxicologist calculate what your true BAC was when behind the wheel. Because the law is based on your BAC while driving, you may be able to win your case if your lawyer can show reasonable doubt that you were driving under the legal limit.

Over the limit DUI defenses are made more effective if you refused to take the voluntary roadside breathalyzer or your attorney had the results of that test suppressed. While the BAC reading from the roadside test cannot be introduced as evidence, the prosecution can mention if you tested over the legal limit. If you did not take this test, the prosecution has no proof that you were over the limit while driving.

Alcohol metabolism is a complicated science. Fortunately, the experienced defense lawyers at Head, Thomas, Webb and Willis have taken numerous courses on the subject and are backed by a team of specialized toxicologists and forensic experts. We can review your case to determine if any over the limit DUI defenses apply to your case.

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