Georgia DUI Blood Test

Georgia DUI Blood Test
Three tests can be used to determine blood alcohol content (BAC) in a Georgia driving under the influence case: blood, breath, and urine. While the breathalyzer test is most common, a DUI blood test may be administered in certain cases. Because of the many problems that can occur with a it, your defense lawyer may be able to build a defense strategy for your case.

In order to remain accurate, a blood sample must be transported immediately for testing. If it isn’t delivered within a timely manner, the blood can begin to decompose, which in turn produces alcohol. The alcohol produced during decomposition can dramatically increase your BAC results, introducing reasonable doubt in your Georgia DUI case.

Blood tests go through a chain of custody which is sometimes difficult to track. If the chain of custody is broken at any point, the prosecution’s evidence against you may be inadmissible.

Your defense lawyer can subpoena all of the people in the chain of custody for your DUI blood test. If they fail to appear in court to verify that the blood sample was handled properly, or if the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) fails to turn over the paperwork associated with your test, the judge may rule that this evidence cannot be used at trial.

All of our defense attorneys have completed training courses on the blood test. Thanks to their knowledge and experience with the subject, they can help you beat it to avoid a guilty verdict.

Head, Thomas, Webb and Willis helps residents across the state who have been charged with drunk driving after “failing” the blood test. Our attorney fees are reasonable, and we can create a payment plan to make our legal services more affordable.

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