DUI Vicodin Georgia

DUI Vicodin Georgia
Even if you were legally prescribed Vicodin, you may be arrested for a Georgia driving under the influence (DUI) if the medication compromised your ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. The only way to avoid a conviction is to hire an experienced defense lawyer and fight the charges against you.

Vicodin is the brand name for a combination of acetaminophen and hydrocodone. Hydrocodone is in the narcotic pain reliever drug group, while acetaminophen is not as strong. Doctors often prescribe it to treat moderate and severe pain. Because of its moderate abuse potential, it is classified as a Schedule 3 drug.

To test for drugs in a DUI arrest, the officer may take you to the hospital to give a blood sample. Your attorney may request that the sample be split to conduct independent testing. By having independent analysis performed, your lawyer may find that the original sample was contaminated. If this is the case, your blood test results may be suppressed and your case can be dismissed.

If the blood test reveals that you had only a therapeutic, or prescribed, dose of Vicodin in your system, your lawyer may argue that the level was insufficient to cause physical mental impairment. This makes it easier for your lawyer to obtain a dismissal or reduction of the charges against you.

In your case, the prosecutor will often have the arresting officer and a drug recognition expert testify that your behavior and appearance were consistent with Vicodin use. Your defense lawyer will evaluate your case to determine if improper investigation tactics or contamination of your blood sample played a part in your criminal charge. He or she may also argue that the amount of it in your system was within the therapeutic dosage.

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