DUI Urine Test Georgia

DUI Urine Test Georgia
While urine tests may be used in Georgia driving under the influence cases to determine blood alcohol content (BAC), they are not used as often as blood and breath tests. They are not as reliable as blood tests; plus, they cannot be administered by the officer as easily as a breath test. However, this type of test may be used if the officer believes that the driver is under the influence of drugs.

To administer the urine test, approximately 30 milliliters of urine should be collected for the sample and sent for testing. However, it is not an accurate representation of a person’s impairment. Drug metabolites can remain in the urine long after the effects have worn off. For example, if a person smokes marijuana, trace amounts of the drug may show up days or even weeks after the last use. This means that even if the person was not impaired by marijuana, he or she can may still get a drug charge.

According to recommendations by the American Medical Association, you should be given an opportunity to urinate prior to taking a DUI urine test. Unfortunately, some law enforcement agents do not follow this recommendation, thus affecting your test results.

As with any drunk driving test, errors may be made giving it and handling collected samples. At Head, Thomas, Webb and Willis, our lawyers have received training on the urine test. They understand its known problems and can prepare a defense strategy for your case if your urine test is flawed.

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