DUI Under 21 Georgia

DUI Under 21 Georgia
The legal blood alcohol content (BAC) limit for drivers under 21 in Georgia is .02%. Because the limit is so low, a young driver could be charged with driving under the influence after only one drink. If you or a loved one is facing a DUI charge in Georgia, you should immediately contact an attorney who practices drunk-driving defense.

The penalties an underage driver faces for a drunk driving charge depend on his or her BAC at the time of arrest. If the driver’s BAC was above .02% and below .08%, he or she will be charged with an under 21 charge; however, if his or her BAC was over .08%, he or she may be charged with a standard DUI in addition to the under 21 charge.

If convicted of this type of crime, you could be sentenced to a six-month license suspension in addition to 20 hours of community service. The penalties for a standard driving under the influence are much greater and can include a 12-month license suspension.

In addition to these penalties, you will have a permanent criminal record. Because your criminal record can be accessed by third parties, you could miss out on valuable opportunities when applying for college or employment.

Young drivers already pay large insurance premiums. These may skyrocket once your insurer learns about your drunk-driving conviction. If you cannot afford to pay for your insurance coverage, you will be unable to have your driver’s license reinstated. In some cases, the insurance company may elect to drop your coverage altogether.

What many people do not realize is that if they were arrested for an under 21 DUI and their case does not go to trial until after their 21st birthday, they face a much more serious driver’s license suspension. Georgia law treats a person past age 21 as an adult even if he or she was underage when arrested.

The lawyers at Head, Thomas, Webb and Willis have helped many young drivers across the State of Georgia avoid a drunk-driving conviction. We will fight to reduce your driving under the influence to reckless driving in order to avoid consequences. With affordable rates and payment plans, hiring our firm is an investment in your future.

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