DUI Refusal Georgia

DUI Refusal Georgia
Did you know that even if you refuse to take the Georgia breathalyzer test, you could face serious penalties and still be charged with driving under the influence? It’s true—a DUI refusal in Georgia can result in a lengthy driver’s license suspension, imposed by the Department of Driver Services (DDS) and can even be used proof of guilt by the prosecution in your drunk-driving trial.

You have 10 business days from the date of your breathalyzer refusal to submit a license appeal letter to the DDS to contest your license suspension. Our law firm offers this appeal service for FREE to our clients.  An attorney will carefully complete the license appeal form and obtain proof that it was submitted by the deadline.

What is at stake if you fail to submit this letter at time? For a DUI refusal in Georgia, you face 12 months of hard suspension, which means no driving at all. This sentence is much harsher than if you took the test and failed it. An officer is supposed to read you the Implied Consent warning, which tells you what is at stake if you decline to take the breathalyzer. If the officer failed to inform you of your rights, we can use this omission to our advantage.

While your license will be automatically suspended for a DUI refusal, you may regain your driving privileges if we win an acquittal in your case or have your charges reduced to reckless driving. Because our law firm has a proven track record of getting charges reduced or thrown out, you could be able to drive before the 12-month suspension period has ended.

Don’t let this type of offense affect your ability to drive. At Head, Thomas, Webb and Willis, our lawyers can travel to wherever you live in Georgia to fight your automatic license suspension. Because we understand the effect a suspension can have on your life and your employment, we will do everything we can to help. Our firm offers affordable rates, and we accept all major credit cards for your convenience.

Submit your case online or call our 24-hour number today to speak with an attorney. Our initial consultation is always FREE. We also offer a FREE copy of The DUI Book, which explains the DUI refusal in detail, as well as a FREE administrative license appeal letter to contest your immediate suspension.

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