DUI Probation Georgia

DUI Probation Georgia
If you are convicted of driving under the influence in Georgia, a probation period may be included as part of your sentence. In most cases, you will receive 12 months of DUI probation, though it will be reduced by any jail time served. Abiding by the conditions set forth by the court is extremely important, as failing to comply could result in additional jail time among other consequences.

If you are currently on probation for another offense and have been arrested for DUI, you should contact our law office at once. Because of your new arrest, your officer can immediately bring you in front of the judge who ordered it to have it revoked. The judge may revoke your suspended jail sentence and put you back behind bars—even before your case has been resolved.

Depending on your prior criminal history and the severity of the crime for which you were given probation, you could face serious jail time before your case goes to trial. Reasonable doubt is not necessary in this case, and the judge doesn’t have to wait to see if you will be acquitted.

Our lawyers can immediately meet with your probation officer and the judge in an effort to keep you from serving jail time. We have helped many clients, some with cases similar to yours, reach a successful resolution to this serious problem.

At Head, Thomas, Webb and Willis, are attorneys are available to take on cases anywhere across the State of Georgia. We understand the stress that you are experiencing at this time and will do anything in our power to help. You can call our phone number any time of the day or night, and a skilled lawyer will answer the phone to offer free advice. Our rates are very affordable, and we also accept major credit cards.

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