DUI Police Mistakes and Errors Georgia

DUI Police Mistakes and Errors Georgia
Driving under the influence charges involve a great deal of paperwork. If the police made any mistakes or errors on these official documents, you may be acquitted or your case can be dismissed altogether. Hiring a defense attorney who knows Georgia’s DUI laws inside and out can give you the upper hand when fighting your case.

After your arrest, the officer will provide you with a copy of the DUI citation. This citation includes information such as your name, address, a description of the events that led to your arrest, and the criminal code that you are being charged with. If the arrest information or the criminal code is incorrect, your lawyer can use these errors to your advantage during your trial.

Choosing the right time to discuss these police mistakes and errors is extremely important. If your lawyer points them out too soon, the prosecutor will have a chance to amend these documents and the formal charges against you. However, if your lawyer brings it up during the trial, your chances of a dismissal are greatly increased.

Another problem is police officers using prewritten reports; that is, they use the same information for each DUI arrest. Your lawyer can review all of the officer’s reports to determine if that is a factor in your case. If so, your lawyer may argue that there is reasonable doubt that you committed the crime of drunk driving.

The attorneys at Head, Thomas, Webb and Willis they will analyze all of the paperwork associated with your case to determine if any police mistakes and errors were made. Using this information, they will prepare a strong defense that can help you avoid a conviction.

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