DUI Driver’s Rights Card Georgia

DUI Driver’s Rights Card Georgia
Many people are unaware of their rights, especially when it comes to being pulled over for driving under the influence in Georgia. Our law firm has developed a DUI Driver’s Rights Card for Georgia drivers, should they ever find themselves in this situation. Knowing what to say or how to act during a traffic stop can mean the difference between winning and losing your drunk-driving case.

A right that many people forget when faced with a police officer at the side of the road is their right to remain silent. The only information you must provide to the officer is your name, address, insurance information, and registration. If the officer asks you about any alcohol or drug consumption, you can politely decline to answer in order to avoid incriminating yourself. Pleading with the officer to let you go could be used against you, though you may ask to walk home or take a cab in order to avoid an arrest.

To determine probable cause for a Georgia DUI arrest, the officer may ask you to perform a series of field sobriety tests. These tests are entirely voluntary and are, in fact, designed for failure. You cannot be arrested just because you decline to take the field sobriety tests. The officer may also ask you to take a roadside breath test. Again, this test is voluntary and you face no consequences for refusing to take it.

If you are arrested for drunk driving, you will be brought back to the police station for the evidentiary breath test. This is the official breath test, and you could face penalties for refusing to take it. If you are over the age of 21, were not involved in an accident, were not driving a commercial vehicle, and do not have any prior DUIs on your record, you should take the test; however, if any of these statements are untrue, refusing to take the test and asking to speak with your attorney may be in your best interest.

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