DUI Breathalyzer Defenses Georgia

DUI Breathalyzer Defenses Georgia
Breathalyzer tests are known for producing inaccurate results; therefore, if you have been arrested for a Georgia driving under the influence offense after testing over the state’s legal blood alcohol content (BAC) level, you should still fight your charges. A skilled defense lawyer will be familiar with the many DUI breathalyzer defenses in Georgia.

To stay in good working order, breathalyzer tests must be routinely maintained and calibrated. Your lawyer may request the maintenance and breath test logs. The machine must be tested once each week and every 120 days by a class 4 operator. If the machine was not maintained according to the manufacturer’s guidelines, your BAC reading may be thrown out.

Proper administration is required to ensure that the breathalyzer reading is accurate. If the breathalyzer administration was videotaped, your lawyer can review the recording to determine if the test was administered correctly. Sometimes the officer may ask a driver to blow into the device for longer than necessary, which inflates the test result. Your lawyer may request a copy of the breathalyzer training manual to see if the officer conducted the test according to proper police protocols.

Breathalyzers are supposed to measure deep lung air to calculate BAC; however, mouth alcohol could affect the results. Dental work or food stuck between the driver’s teeth may trap alcohol in the mouth, affecting breathalyzer results. Medical conditions, such as acid reflux, diabetes, and hypoglycemia as well as low carb diets can also affect the breathalyzer.

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