Celexa DUI Georgia

Celexa DUI Georgia
Did you know that even if you are taking a legal, prescribed medication, such as Celexa, you could be charged with driving under the influence (DUI) in Georgia if it compromises your driving? It’s true. Unlike alcohol, which has a legal “per se” limit, any amount of drugs in your system could merit a DUI charge. That is why speaking with an attorney is so important if you have been arrested for this type of offense.

Available by prescription only, Celexa is the brand name for citalopram, a drug in the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI) drug class. It's not a controlled substance, is most commonly used to treat depression by balancing the serotonin levels in the brain. When it is taken with certain medications or alcohol, side effects may be intensified.

You cannot be arrested simply for taking a prescription medication and driving. However, you can face DUI charges if the medication causes you to become a less safe driver. If an officer suspects that you are under the influence of drugs, you may be asked to take a blood or urine test. These tests are typically administered in a medical or clinical setting.

If you are convicted of Celexa DUI in Georgia, the judge may sentence you to serve time behind bars, perform community service, and pay court costs and fines. You may also face a 12-month probation period. Your driver’s license may be suspended by the Department of Driver Services (DDS), and your insurance rates may increase substantially. You will also have a criminal record that cannot be erased.

Head, Thomas, Webb and Willis has helped many clients in your shoes. Many of our lawyers have completed the Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) overview course, which gives them an advantage when preparing a solid defense for your case. They can even handle your administrative license suspension to help you avoid this loss of driving privileges. In fact, this service is included in our affordable flat fees.

No matter where you live in Georgia, our lawyers are ready to help you. Complete our online form or call our 24-hour phone number right now for a FREE case evaluation. You will also receive a FREE license appeal letter to contest your immediate suspension and a FREE copy of The DUI Book, written by partner William C. Head.

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