Belching, Burping, Vomiting, or Hiccupping DUI Georgia

Belching, Burping, Vomiting, or Hiccupping DUI Georgia
Breathalyzer machines are designed to measure the air from deep within your lungs to calculate your blood alcohol content (BAC). If your BAC is .08% or higher, the officer may charge you with driving under the influence (DUI) in Georgia. However, belching, burping, vomiting, or hiccupping can falsely inflate your reading, which means you can be charged with drunk driving even if your BAC is well below the legal limit.

Breathalyzers are supposed to measure deep lung air because that is a true measure of the alcohol that has been digested and absorbed. But sometimes, machines can malfunction and measure alcohol in the mouth rather than from the lungs. Belching, burping, vomiting, or hiccupping can force alcohol from your stomach into your mouth, affecting your results. Acid reflux has a similar affect on breath test machines.

To combat this problem, the officer is supposed to watch the driver for at least 15 minutes before administering the test to ensure that he or she does not belch, burp, vomit, or hiccup. If these actions occur, the test cannot be performed. You should let you lawyer know if the officer failed to conduct this 15-minute observation period.

If you are facing a DUI after belching, burping, vomiting, or hiccupping affected your BAC reading, you need to hire an attorney who has experienced with the breathalyzer test. All of the attorneys at Head, Thomas, Webb and Willis have completed the certification course conducted by the manufacturer of the Intoxilyzer 5000, the breathalyzer test currently used by Georgia law enforcement agencies. Because of this training, our lawyers know that alcohol consumption isn’t the only thing that can cause on over-the-limit BAC result.

Our law firm is also backed by a team of highly-specialized forensic experts and toxicologists. They can analyze your BAC reading to determine if it is, in fact, accurate. If their findings show that belching, burping, vomiting, or hiccupping played a role in your results, they will go to court to disprove the evidence against you.

We are dedicated to helping Georgia residents who have been unfairly accused of DUI. We can travel to any location in the state to fight your charges, and our rates are affordable.

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